Welcome to Mobile Casino Hire, where you can find the perfect fun additions for your events across the South East of England! If youre looking to hold an event anywhere within our range, our services can turn a good event into the best of events, and we can ensure that you and your guests have an absolute whale of a time with our high-quality services including world-favourite games such as poker and roulette, as well as our professional staff who can ensure that everything runs smoothly!

Our large roster of fun casino games includes full sized tables of Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Wheel of Fortune as well as our large scale Scalextric track. All of these games have proven time and again across the events we have provided for to be extremely fun additions to any occasion whether corporate or personal. The events we can supply for is an endless list, and just a few of the possible events include weddings, birthdays, religious holiday celebrations (such as Christmas), house warming parties, team-building exercises and product launches. Whatever your event, Mobile Casino Hire can provide you with staff in addition to the games. Our croupiers are great for ensuring that the maximum potential of your event is reached through the high-quality of service that we can provide in not only our tables, but our staff and the delivery of our services to any venue within the South East of England.

We at Mobile Casino Hire understand that planning an event can be an extremely challenging thing to do, and so we aim to make our services as easy as possible for you to use, fully enjoy and understand. This means that the versatility that we push for in the provisioning of our mobile casino tables is great for allowing you to have as much say in your event as possible including the venue in which we will set our casinos up in, as well as aspects of our services such as the colour of the felt on the tables, which can be swapped out allowing you to choose from red, green and blue a nice touch if youre looking to fit in with a colour theme, or merely have a personal preference.

One thing about our services that really pushes them forward for corporate events especially but personal events too is the fact that the casinos are all pre-paid for, ensuring that any guests at the event will not have to pay a dime for the service. As just mentioned this can be great for corporate events, as it can ensure that your potential customers have fun without any hassle on their part, or in the case of a team-building exercise, it can ensure that you can successfully provide your staff with the exercise without any issues arising.

If you would like to find out more about the possibility of hiring these services for your event, please feel free to navigate the website or contact us.