In today’s economic climate we all need to be sure that we know what products and services we are paying for.

At Mobile Casino Hire, we are always pleased to pass our knowledge and experiences onto our customers.

Listed below are some questions we’ve ben asked about fun casino hire and party entertainment, we hope that these points assist you in planning you event where fun casino hire could be a possibility .

How much do fun casino tables cost to hire ?Fun Game Hire

What casino gaming tables can I choose from ?

How big are the tables ?

Are the casino croupiers included ?

What are the popular casino games for wedding’s etc ?

What areas does mobile casino hire cover ?

How much fun money do we get ?

Who sells the fun Money/how does it work ?

How can casino hire help fund raising for charitable events ?

Our company aims to provide an outstanding service within the hospitality industry, so if there is something you’re not quite sure about, please contact our experienced team at mobile casino hire.