Everyone wants to make a difference in the world and many people give to charities or support fundraising events throughout the year. However, there are so many different charities, causes, events and fundraises running that when it comes time for your charity event, it can be hard to raise interest and support.Charity Casino Night

Therefore, to combat the compassion fatigue of your local community and ensure support for your charity at your upcoming event, and into the future, why not organise for casino hire. Unless you are trying to raise funds to support the families of problem gamblers, charity casino hire is a fun and easy way to raise funds at your event.

We can make sure that when you hire your casino poker or roulette tables for your charity event, that the money lost to the house actually goes towards the charity cause, and this makes for a unique circumstance where your players wont mind losing a few spins of the wheel or a few hands of cards.

Charity casino hire is also a unique concept and not one widely used in fundraising yet. Therefore, when you organise for casino hire in support of your charity, you are guaranteed to attract large numbers of people curious about your casino fundraising tactics, and eager to try their luck all for a good cause too.

As funding is always going to be a difficulty point for many charities, we can even organise for a specialised payment program, or offer you discounts on your casino hire when you organise for multiple charity casino events. Alternatively, we can simply deduct our hire fees from the winnings on the tables, meaning youre not left out of pocket before the first guests have even arrived.

For more information about charity casino hire to ensure support for your event, contact Mobile Casino Hire now.